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CITNBD is an IT and educational institution. Our main objective is to provide world-class training facilities and to provide skilled and professionally organized IT experts and world class education. We are contributing significantly to the development of the IT industry in Bangladesh as well as in the educational work. Our goal is to create a place where people can learn any kind of education they want. We are working with skilled and experienced trainers to build each student into a qualified professional in a competitive corporate world. And every student can contribute to the development of the country. The organization makes videos for various subjects and these videos are made in full Bengali.

CITNBD – Computer Training & IT Institution

CITNBD – Computer Training & IT Institution was launched with the purpose of helping you to learn valuable new skills that will help you make the most out of your work environment and keep you updated with the most recent developments in the tech world. Each online course on CITNBD – Computer Training & IT Institution is designed and reviewed by the CITNBD Review Team with special attention given to the quality of the content.

Course Topics

CITNBD – Computer Training & IT Institution delivers premium and free courses in Entrepreneurship, Freelancing, Computer Science, Software Development, Graphics Design, Web Development, Web Design, Business, Marketing, Communication and all educational purpose. And you can verify your talent with all the jobs and any educational tests on our site.


At CITNBD – Computer Training & IT Institution, your accomplishments do not go unnoticed. After completing an online course you’ll be awarded an official CITNBD Certificate commending your newly learned skill and we also provide Verified Certificates that you can include in your CVs and Resumes. Which you can apply for any job as your additional qualification.


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